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Deferred $50,000 in Capital Gains Taxes

Thinking back on it I am surprised I actually did a 1031 exchange. I only called because my real estate agent had taken one of your classes and said I should check my situation out with you.

I had inherited my mother's house that was in another state ten years ago and had held on to it for some of my retirement income but I did not realize I would owe $50,000 in taxes when I sold it. However, after we talked I understood. I did not like what I understood but at least I knew what my options were.

At first it seemed overwhelming, but as we communicated I learned more and more how I could sell the house and move it into a property that would not only be good for my retirement but would actually make my retirement better. Today I own a lovely new attractive 4-plex that I moved into a main floor unit with a garden and nice patio last year. I have never had a vacancy and I have great renters. With the rents having increased I feel I am now living here free. When I sold my home last year I was able to put all that money into another retirement investment.

Taxes are something I never have understood, I am so grateful that Xchange Solutions took the time to teach me and I could not believe that you did not charge me any extra for all the help and ideas. The new 4-plex has been a blessing.

Thank you,

Mary V
Portland, Oregon

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