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I called Xchange Solutions five years ago when I was 67 years old because someone wanted to by buy one of my 5 rental houses. It was getting to where I could not keep them up anymore and I had not raised my rents in along time. My wife was tired of being tied down with the houses.

We had never really thought much about what other types of real estate were out there that would not require as much work. We were surprised to learn from Xchange Solutions that we could buy a piece of an institutional quality property. Something that was completely long term leased out to a big company that had lots of properties located all over the place. We spent some time looking into these with our accountant.

After a few months we decided that if we could sell all five of our rentals we could buy into one of these buildings. All of these properties would produce more annual income for us than the houses were and we would not have to be tied down taking care of them.

Xchange Solutions showed us how we could sell the rentals and exchange all of them into one of these without having to pay the capital gain taxes. It was almost fun and we knew what we had to do each step along the way.

Today I am much better off knowing that our retirement equity is well invested in quality property and our monthly income is much better.

Marvin, Retiree
Portland, Oregon

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