Defer capital gains taxes on the sale of your investment property using a 1031 exchange.
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Protect Investment Profits From Capital Gains Taxes
With A 1031 Exchange

Grow Your Real Estate Wealth Faster
Are you planning to sell investment property but hate the idea of potentially paying tens of thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes to the IRS? You can reduce or defer capital gains taxes - and grow your investments faster - with a 1031 exchange. A 1031 exchange is like a 401k for property - but you don't have to wait until you're 70 to enjoy your wealth!

What Can A 1031 Exchange Do For You?
Help you reach your investment goals faster. Re-invest your gains (rather than pay capital gains taxes) so your capital can grow faster and produce more income.
Get higher return on investment (ROI) on your investment property.
Save money by deferring taxes.

How A 1031 Exchange Works
A "Qualified Intermediary" or facilitator, facilitates a 1031 exchange. The facilitator lets you know if your transaction qualifies, completes the paperwork and holds funds during the transaction.

Your "Qualified Intermediary" Is Crucial To Your Success
The person who helps you with a 1031 exchange is referred to by the tax code as a "qualified intermediary," also commonly referred to as an exchange facilitator or intermediary. A "qualified intermediary" is basically a middle-man who facilitates the transaction. "Qualified" does not refer to education or experience. So you have to be careful who you use. Don't settle for a bargain-basement facilitator who will simply fill out the forms. You'll save more and rest easier with the help of a highly experienced facilitator.

For Your Peace of Mind, Choose A Qualified Intermediary Who:
Has completed thousands of 1031 transactions.
No two transactions are alike, some are very complex. Your Xchange Solutions facilitator can advise you on the best way to structure your transaction to meet your investment objectives and for the best possible tax advantages.
Is an expert in these sections of the tax code.
Your Xchange Solutions facilitator has years of expertise with this section of the tax code and spends 20-30 hours every year staying up to date so you can relax.
The tax code is silent in many key areas. Your Xchange Solutions facilitator can point out the grey areas you may be exposed to so you can decide how you want to structure the transaction.
Is fluent with all five types of 1031 exchanges.
Xchange Solutions is the only intermediary to specialize in reverse and improvement exchanges.
Has had their audited transactions stand up to IRS scrutiny.
Xchange Solutions has completed thousands of 1031 exchange transactions. Every single audited transaction has received the IRS' stamp of approval.

In the last few years many new exchange facilitators have entered the field. Choose an exchange facilitator who has the expertise, experience and knowledge to make you successful. Hear what our clients say. Check out these 1031 exchange case studies.

Contact us or Ask an Expert today about your investment property transactions.


Federation of Exchange Accommodators

We have always had two tax structures in this country - one for the informed and one for the uninformed.

Judge Leonard

1031 Eligible
Property Includes:

Real Estate

Apartment Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Condo Marina Slips
Condo Mini Storage
Medical Buildings
Multi-Family Buildings
NNN Leased Property
Rawland to Subdivide
Rental Condos
Rental Houses
Residential Lots
Strip Malls
Used Car Lots
Warehouses for Lease

Personal Property
Mineral Rights
And much more...




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